Oil filters

Oil filters are intended for removing of harmful elements from engine oils. These elements can be a result of attrition faces wear or presence of solid fuel combustion materials in oil.  Oil filters mostly are nonseparable construction which has metalic body with filtering element and protective valves inside. 

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Air filter

Often it’s hard to find high-quality spare parts for heavy, construction or another type of vehicles.Requirements to spare parts and filters for such kind of machines are higher and more serious than in case of light vehicles. This is due to high cost of these machines, at first, and to their downtime. No any owner of special-purpose machinery can loose a profit while his excavator, grader or dump-truck are down under repair. These “worn-out parts”, first of all, are oil, fuel, air filters and of another types. Under replacement of air or another filters for custom vehicles it’s possible to be confused by variety of offers and brands producing air filters

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