Air filters

Often it’s hard to find high-quality spare parts for heavy, construction or another type of vehicles.

Requirements to spare parts and filters for such kind of machines are higher and more serious than in case of light vehicles. This is due to high cost of these machines, at first, and to their downtime. No any owner of special-purpose machinery can loose a profit while his excavator, grader or dump-truck are down under repair.
These “worn-out parts”, first of all, are oil, fuel, air filters and of another types. Under replacement of air or another filters for custom vehicles it’s possible to be confused by variety of offers and brands producing air filters.
In modern diesel engines air flow strong enough is necessary for effective fuel combustion. Air volume which is necessary for diesel engine operating very often exceeds the volume of combustible fuel in hundred times. In this case air which is supplied to engine should be carefully cleared. Especcially it is fairly for custom vehicles, because they work “24 hours a day”. Buying air filter for custom vehicle you aim firstly to protect engine from ingress of foreign substances. And secondly to prolong uninterrupted operation time of your machines.
The most important technologies which promotes to increase air flow using in engine under invariably high dust retention capacity of ADParts filters are the following: 
Dividing elements are made between frillings while process of corrugation. In turn they prevent agglutination and adhesion of corrugation elements in filter. That’s why distribution of air flow in filter stays uniform and uninterrupted. fastening Fastening roller is of glue, which it continuously puts on the periphery both internal, and an outside jacket of the filter.  Thus the producer achieves maximum fixation of corrugation frillings inside air filter.
In addition ADParts air filters are not only life time extension of your custom vehiclesand simplicity of filtering elements replacement and assembling. But wide assortment which allows to select air filters for any brand and type of custom vehicles.