Oil Filters

Oil filters are intended for removing of harmful elements from engine oils. These elements can be a result of attrition faces wear or presence of solid fuel combustion materials in oil.    

Oil filters mostly are nonseparable construction which has metalic body with filtering element and protective valves inside. 
As usual in oil filters there are installed anti-drainage and diverter valves. Diverter valve works in case when oil can’t go freely through filtering element. It can be, for example, because of increased oil viscosity in conditions of temperature below zero or excessive dirtying of filtering element in oil filter. Anti-drainage valve in oil filters is set on input and it is open always when engine operates. After engine stop the valve closes and that’s why oil is keeping inside valve and doesn’t flow back. Such principle allows to supply oil to lubrication system of engine while next engine starting.  

Oil filters also can have another construction, where exchangeable filtering element or cartridge is set on stationary body on engine basic block. In this construction valves are directly on engine.  During after-sales service only cartridge is changed. Body, valves and wrapping cover stay on engine for all life time. Unlike head filter filtering element doesn’t contain metallic fibers and stops much more dirtyings. Advantages of this type are relatively low cost and opportunity of simple utilization. Separate type of oil filters are combined oil filters which have as full-flow as by-pass elements in one body. While operation of such filter part of oil goes through main filtered material, and another part – through material with increased filtration degree.           

As a result we have the same effect than by using two separate modifications of oil filters. The one restriction to use combinated oil filter can be is dimensions, which don’t allow to set such filter on some models of machinery.  
In contrast with air and fuel filters age of oil filters is connected with periods of oil change in engine. Since in engine oil as a result of heating, combustion, consumption, “additives” and another processes not only gets dirty but change its chemistry with time – “ages”, each engine producer in accordance with type of machinery and oil brand creates some recommendations about interval of change. I.e. frequency of oil change connects not only with its physical dirtying but with inevitable loosing of good properties. Recommended by majority of engine and custom vehiclesproducers intervals of change are for standard oils – to 250 moto hours and for latest types – to 500 moto hours. In the second case producer always stipulates that under hard service conditions and using of poor-quality fuel (it is ordinary situation in Russia) this interval should be reduced. 

Due to their undoubtful advantages ADPfilter filters extend much life time of automobile and sufficiently reduce engine wear. And perfect characteristics and properties of ADPfilter  filters with good price make it especcially attractive for any, even the most fastidious, consumer.